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Krušné hory

forms a natural border between Bohemia and Germany. The height difference between the top platforms and the foothills of the mountain range is up to 700 m. The Krusne Mountains consist of several units, for example from the Klinovecké hornatiny or Čínovecké planiny.

Cycling routes:

Sports opportunities

Krusne hory offers year-round sports activities. You can play golf on one of the oldest golf courses in Europe. The Ore Mountains also offer riding, tennis, squash, yachting, paragliding and a range of cycle paths with a variety of challenges. Ore Mountains offer unlimited possibilities for summer recreation, mountain hiking or cycling trips.

Blatenský vrch

  • Length: 22 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Wheels: trekking and road

The cycle trail runs through Boží Dar Rýžovně the Blatenský vrch and back. The aim of the trip is the Blatenský vrch (1043 m. M.). At its top there is a stone lookout tower with a beautiful view of the Ore Mountains. Not far from the Blatenský vrch is the Vlčí jámy Nature Trail, where you can admire the remains of brick shafts.

Krušnohorský okruh

Length: 38 kmObligacy: unobtrusiveTo: trekking and roadTest trekking - moving from place to place.

The path will lead through: God's Dar Myslivna Golden Hill Český Mlýn Pigeon Rocks Red Fox Potky Rýžovnu Boží Dar. Several attractions are on the route. It passes through the Zlatý Kopec Nature Park, the rock formations of the Pigeon Rocks, the Potůčky village with a well-known market place, and part of the route runs alongside the waterworks of the Blaten Moat


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